Canada-Kandahar Anti-Narcotics Development Plan (1)

IALP stands for Integrated Alternative Livelihoods Program, a two-part $18-million plan by the Canadian International Development Agency to help develop Kandahar province’s rural economy. During IALP-K Phase 1 (2006-2008), Canada put $6 million towards Afghan-led projects to build agriculture infrastructure, with agency officials providing input and assistance. The money under Phase 1 was targeted towards water infrastructure like wells and canals. Phase 2 is currently underway.

As CIDA’s website points out, the goal of the program is to reduce poppy cultivation and get rural farmers to grow licit crops like wheat instead. The following CIDA briefing notes lay down the goals and timeline for the program, dubbed the “flagship project in support of narcotics efforts in Afghanistan.”

Canada Afghan development notes by loosefiles

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