Environment Canada report on Saskatchewan CO2 leak claim

Earlier this year a controversy erupted after a Saskatchewan couple released a consultant’s report examining their claim that carbon dioxide emissions were percolating up from an underground carbon capture and storage, or CCS, project into a pond on their farm near Weyburn, Sask.

The Weyburn project is funded by the Saskatchewan and Albertan governments.┬áIt’s one of several CCS initiatives the energy industry is aiming to build. The technology’s backers claims it allows for an emissions-free extraction of bitumen-heavy oil from places like Alberta’s tar sands.

But the technology has come under attack from critics, who say it is an expensive, unproven and ineffective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The technology, which has never been fully tested, pipes greenhouse-gas emissions from oil and gas extraction sites into underground reservoirs where they are safely stored, according to the technology’s supporters.

Here is Environment Canada’s internal report on the carbon-capture leak claim in Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada assessment of Saskatchewan residents' CO2 leak claim by loosefiles

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