Misc Natural Resources Canada briefing notes

• 125583: Enclosed numbered copy 04-01398 – a study of environmental monitoring
• 122848: Request comments on the effect of royalty rates in Western Canada
• 123017: Mobile devices recommendation – Apple Ipad vs Playbook – results of the trial of Ipad and Playbook
• 124446: Report on the growth of the ex cadre
• 125033: Approval of the use of mobile tablets at NRCan – Ipads – directive on the usage and process map
• 126916: Use of NRCan’s electronic networks and facilities
• 123355: Updated outlook for economic impacts of oil sands projects in Alberta
• 123404: Ecoenergy for biofuels – decisions regarding strategic and operating review and regulatory timing
• 124539: Briefing your colleagues on the deficit reduction action plan and the ecoenergy for biofuels program
• 125034: Carbon pricing
• 125142: Treatment of Canadian crude under California’s low carbon fuel standard
• 125216: Payments to governments by the energy sector
• 126176: Trends in Canadian crude oil imports and analysis of the energy security implications
• 126254: Addressing Canada’s Kyoto protocol legacy in the context of Canada’s international climate strategy
• 126813: United Nations framework convention on climate change’s in-depth review of Canada’s fifth national communication report
• 127332: Cost benefit analysis comparison on CEF
• 127502: Carbonites in Canada’s oil sands region

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