Samsung-Ontario Green Energy Investment Agreement

The focus of this blog is going to be on freedom-of-information-related topics, namely FOI stories I like and records I’ve received which I think should be publicly accessible.

Starting things off, here is the controversial deal made last January between Ontario and a group of South Korean firms led by Samsung (including one partner half-owned by the SK government) to design and build wind and solar equipment in the province, part of an expensive effort by the Liberal government to kick-start a green power industry. Critics say the $7-billion price tag for the agreement, through which Ontario promises to buy Samsung-developed power at an inflated rate under the Green Energy Act, is too high, and that the renewable energy technology could be handled, through all steps of the design and construction process, by Ontario engineers and energy companies.

Detail on what the province is paying at various points in the project has been blanked out by the government. If you’re wondering, section 17 of the provincial FOI law (the fun-to-say FIPPA, or Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act) lets provincial screeners strip passages related to “third party information,” while s. 18 does the same for passages relating to the “economic and other interests of Ontario.”

And, yes, just after that photo was taken Energy and Infrastructure Minister Brad Duguid signed the agreement with his loop-y signature, found on page 30.

Samsung Ontario Green Energy Agreement by loosefiles

Thanks to the Carleton Graduate Students’ Association for use of the office scanner.

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  1. Anton Lamers says:

    I can’t believe why no one in Ontario is causing more of a snuff about this?! Why implement a diverse well-rounded job creating program such as FIT and then turn around and buy 2,500 MW of power from a large corporation. Kind of ridiculous don’t you think?

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